Two recent books – now in paperback

My books “Invisible Hands, Russian Experience, and Social Science” (2011) and “Russian Path Dependence” (2005) are now available in paperback.

Invisible-Hands-Russian-Experience_resizedRussian Path Depend.

Invisible Hands, Russian Experience, and Social Science investigates cases in which national and international activities have gone massively wrong, entailing seriously negative consequences, and in which the sophisticated analytical models of social science have ceased to be helpful. The analysis uses as a backdrop long-term Russian history and short-term Russian encounters with unrestrained capitalism to develop a framework that is based in the so-called new institutionalism.

Russian Path Dependence argues that the arguments and counter-arguments that pitch shock therapy against gradualism are wide of the mark and quite pointless. Indeed, the reasons for the warped outcomes can actually be traced back through the long sweep of Russian history. Decisions made in the distant past can fully influence policy- making in the present.