“Putin’s Energy Agenda”- now published

P1020154My latest book, entitled “Putin’s Energy Agenda: The Contradictions of Russia’s Resource Wealth”, has been published by Lynne Rienner Publishers.

The sudden arrival of massive energy wealth during Putin’s long reign has turned Russia’s focus to resources, with some good and some very bad results. Considering why the good – a windfall of money to pay debts and put the country’s finances in order – has been so overshadowed by the bad resource dependence, reliance on rents, and unbridled corruption, the book explores the many dimensions of Russia’s energy policies and politics.

The book also looks at both the background of energy relations between Russia and Ukraine, so topical in the current crisis, and the role that the massive energy windfall has played in building a prosperous and increasingly militarized Russia (see Table of Contents and Chapter 1).

A short video about the book here.


“An impressive achievement…. Accessible, well organized, and informed by contemporary scholarly debates.” Adam Stulberg, Georgia Institute of Technology

“A well-written and highly accessible analysis of Russia s current political and economic systems with a focus on the development of the energy industry at the heart of both.” Robert Orttung, George Washington University

WHERE TO BUY?Putin’s Energy Agenda can be purchased directly from Lynne Rienner Publishers. It is also available on BokusAdlibris and Amazon.com.